Koalas Rule

This holiday was won by competing in the Double Glazing Glasgow competition. Fun fact, koalas are not bears, even if they have the koalification. I will try not to make more lame puns and focus on what the beautiful land “Australia” can offer to tourists, other than cute koalas and Kangaroos.  

Starting by Sydney, you have a lot to do, discover the Sydney Harbour, the opera house, and the nice ferries. And if you’re into nice gardens, don’t think twice before visiting the royal botanic garden. It is marvelous with a nice variety of flora and so many rare species. 

When it comes to Historic sites, St Mary’s cathedral should be your destination, in addition to the wonderful art galleries; it packs many top artist masterpieces. 

Feeling hungry? A buffet is always the right answer, have a memorable meal at the highest revolving restaurant in the southern hemisphere, it obviously includes amazing views, you will get to see Sydney from different angles. 

Furthermore, Melbourne should not be missed at all. Beautiful theaters, shops, galleries and sophisticated places will make your time there even better! And if you like surfing, Bondi beach is the dream land for surfers!  

On the other hand, visiting Daintree National park, is a magical opportunity, it’s one of the most ancient ecosystem in the world, its extremely rich, and the perfect place for wild safaris! 

And what’s better than crystal clear freshwater creeks and lakes?  Fraser island offers a variety of animals like sharks, dolphins, wild horses, dingoes and more than 300 species of birds! It is a magical place! 

If you feel like spotting crocodiles, Kakadu National park holds a nice diversity of wild life, including reptiles, rivers and ancient rock paintings! 

If Australia is not your dream destination, it only requires a few Google clicks for it to be. I can’t describe all the beautiful landscapes you will get to see, but I can promise you that Australia can be the perfect place for your vacation!