Gas and water

Located in the continent of Asia,  Kuwait, an Arabic country may be your next destination, it holds some nice attractions that will catch your attention. Lets get started with your Arabic adventure.

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Kuwait towers are one of the most famous landmarks in Kuwait, on your way there, you shouldn’t miss them! 

Another tower you should check out is the Libertarian Tower, it’s the fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the world! 

And if you’re interested in gaining some knowledge about history of Kuwait, Doha village is a place you must visit! 

Into traditional Islamic architecture? The grand mosque is a wonderful site! So is the House of mirrors, a nice wealth of art; you should check it out!  

On the other hand, you will find a big number of museums, all full of interesting things your curious soul craves. ( Kuwait House of National Works Museum projects images of the first Gulf war in 1990-91) 

 And you will catch plenty of amusement parks that will make your trip even better (aqua park, scientific center etc.) 

Shopping in Kuwait is also recommended, the big number of malls will please your shopaholic spirit if you are not on a budget.  

However, you need to know a few things before going there, the dress code is not so liberal, avoid showing too much skin (legs, shoulders etc.) 

And make sure to accept an invitation if you get one, it is considered rude if you decline. While in a house in kuwait take your shoes off immediately and avoid political discussions. Furthermore don’t be surprised by the big number of personal technology, so many gadgets, nor by the level of nepotism, it is really common there. 

If you still want to discover the beautiful country where gas is cheaper than water, enjoy your time there, it will be a nice new experience!